TEFL Diploma Syllabus

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Unit One:

·    Module One: The World of TEFL  

·    Module Two: Theories of Language Learning


Unit Two:

·    Module Three: The Practice of Language Teaching, Part One

·   Module Four: The Practice of Language Teaching, Part Two


Unit Three:

·    Module Five: Advanced TEFL/TESL: Theory and Practice

·    Module Six: Specialist TEFL/TESL

o   Young Learners

o        Large Classes

Unit Four:

·    Module Seven: Reading and Young Learners

o   Language through Literature

·    Module Eight: Research and Classroom Practice

o   Reading Research & Classroom Practice

o       First & Second Language Acquisition Compared

Unit Five:

·     Module Nine: Introduction to English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

o        The ESP Teacher

o        Teaching Adults

o        One to One Teaching

·     Module Ten: Course and Syllabus Design

o        Course & Syllabus Design

o    Language Descriptions