About English Language Centre CIC

English Language Centre CIC is a registered Community Interest Company - a social enterprise where any profits generated are reinvested back into providing more opportunities. 

We believe that too many valuable members of our communities throughout the UK (and abroad), find it difficult to integrate and/or find sustainable, rewarding employment. For each individual facing either protracted unemployment and/or marginalisation within our communities, this is a tragedy that can impact their entire lives. There are also the wider economic and social costs to consider. 

There are a great number of specific reasons why people can struggle to integrate and access the sort of job opportunities they would like, but being unable to communicate effectively is the most fundamental barrier of all. Much of our focus is therefore involved in improving communication and language skills.

English Language Centre CIC benefits from over thirty years of experience in English language education, training and consultancy, both in the UK and abroad. This experience enables us to help people improve their language and communication skills, and so build the foundations for better lives and better communities.